Extended Bio: Michael Thomas

Music Competition


I was born in October 1960 and have been writing songs since I was 15 years old.  The first song I wrote at the age of 15 was a gospel song called "Hallelu, Lord We Worship You".  At 15, I wrote my first love song called "Let Me Hold You".  My strongest instruments that I play are piano, guitar, bass, then drums.  I also play violin, mandolin, harmonica, banjo, and accordion.  In 4th - 6th grade I played the violin, 7th - 8th grade I played the Cello and String Bass.  In 9th grade, I began teaching myself piano from a series of courses called the "Henry Slaughter Piano Gospel Course" that Jimmy Swaggart was promoting.  At the same time, my dad helped me start playing the guitar by showing me all the chords he knew G,C,D and F.  My dad also played a few songs on the harmonica.

Prior to graduating from high school I completed the "Berean Correspondence School of the Bible" which was an equivalent to 2 years of college.  In my senior year my Dad, who was a scientist teaching at the University of New Orleans, went into the ministry.  He commuted to Bogalusa, LA on weekends.  My mom had a masters degree in Childhood Development and was teaching 2nd grade prior to helping in the ministry.  I was not a PK (Preachers Kid) and I was planning on becoming a minister for my vocation.  When my dad became pastor of the church there was no piano player so I stepped up and gave them a list of songs that I could play.

I married my wife when I was 22, and I have 2 boys born in July 87 and November 90.


I graduated from high school in 3 years by attending summer schools and I attended Bible College when I was 16, and I graduated with a double major when I was 19.  After graduating from Bible College I went to work for my parents as a Youth Minister.  I was interested in music, electronics, and maybe owning a radio station.  I attended a local vocational school (Sullivan Vocational Tech in Bogalusa, LA)  and graduated with an electronics degree.  I also obtained a first class FCC license.  While attending vocational school I met my wife who was studying to be a nurse.  

I worked for Burrroughs Corp. in Baton Rouge LA. as a computer field engineer.  My parents moved their ministry to Baton Rouge.  For several years I preached 1 to 2 sermons a week while my parents began traveling.  Many times I led the music and preached  a sermon with my son in a baby pouch on my back.

I started a side business in computer maintenance, programming, and computer classes.  I've been an IT Manager for 2 different companies.  I helped to take one company from 40K month to 1 Mil a month and another company from private to public with similar growth.  Currently I'm working as web a developer in one of the top 5 computer companies.

In summary, I've changed professions several times from a Youth/Music minister, to Electronics Field Engineer, to Software Support Manager, to Computer Instructor, to programmer (including management).  I also owned my own consulting and training company.


I've been the praise and worship leader for several churches and I've played in several church bands.  I played several gigs (Casino's, parties, restaurants, etc...) with an all black band called "Color Blind" which played R&B music.

In Dec 2002 I competed in the local Nashville Star competition and made it to the last round.  Through this competition I decided to focus more on my music career as a songwriter / performer.  I'm currently working on developing a collection of slow songs about love and a collection of fast and slow songs about life.  At some point, I'll then lay some tracks playing all the instruments and singing the vocal harmonies.  Currently my web site has very simple live recording of my songs for copyright purposes.  I plan on cutting 2 CD's:  1 with 15 to 20 slow love songs, and 1 with 15 to 20 fast and slow songs about life.

Currently I'm doing a 3 hour show at a nursing home every week so that I can practice my originals, get my children involved in music, and help some singer/songwriters get some practice time.  It's been fun.  I'm also taking country dance lessons.

I really enjoy the sound of country music and I play most of the instruments.  I like listening to and playing country songs that have a positive meaning.  I also like soft rock and light pop music.  The Delilah show is my favorite night show when I'm driving.


I realize that love and life can be very complex and full of challenges.  Personally I prefer to fill my mind and feelings with the way love and life should be.  I write from the heart and my heart wants songs with a positive ending or message.  I want to be touched in a positive way.  I hope my music touches you.


Here is some comments about country music artists:


I like positive songs with happy endings.  I'm always looking for networking opportunities in the music industry.  If I make it great;  if not, I'm having fun.

The history and my thoughts behind all of my songs ("Originals") along with MP3's that you can play is located at my web site:  www.michael-thomas.com/music/originals .