I Am Your Healer

by David Lambert 2002

Verse 1

In this world you feel and see, such pain and misery
Broken hearts, shattered lives and tears and pain
In a world that's so cold, with such hurt in the soul
Only I can make it whole
I know the pain that you feel and I gave for you to be healed
reach out and now proclaim


I am your healer, the hand of hope
Jehovah Raphae, healer is my name
I took your shame and your pain, setting you free
I am your Healer, the hand of hope

Verse 2

Let me now make you whole,
so then you will know I did hear all your prayers to me
I want pain and suffering's end and my healing to begin
Please know that I truly care
I wait now for you once, will you go through healing's door
Reach out and now proclaim,


Your night can turn to day
Heaven's hope now lights the way
You can rise, you can stand,
You can say