When I Become An Angel

by Helen Taylor 2003 5/8/03
(In memory of Jennifer Taylor 18yrs old)

Verse 1:
     G                         C               G
When I become an Angel, I will watch you from above
                                       A                D
Be a comfort when you're troubled, and show you lots of love
C                     D         G                  Em
You'll always feel me near you, where ever you may be
       G                                  D               G
Just remember when you're lonely, you can always think of me

              C              D        G                     Em
She must have seen it in the paper, a cartoon that made her cry
               C                   D
It said, "When I Grow Up I'm Gonna Learn to Fly".
      G            D
There was a reason why.
         G                             C                 G
The last words there in that paper, At 18 the words came true

"Won't Be afraid to be an Angel"
          D              G
She looks out for me and you
2nd Time repeat Chorus, then go to Ending.

Verse 2:
G                                       C             G
There's a lot of people out there, that never see the light
                                       A             D
They want to be more noticed, but they fade into the night
C                         D          G                Em
When our time on earth is over, and eternal life does start
        G                                          D                G
If your loved ones want your comfort, they have to feel to in their hearts.
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"Won't Be afraid to be an Angel"
           D             C   -  G
Now she is watching over you.