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Instructions:   Intro:  Music usually appeals to a person's feelings.  For this song evaluation, I'm interested in your feelings.  Just enter what comes to your mind.  There is no right or wrong feelings.  

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Average or Weak song.  Didn't want to hear it again.
I don't like this type of song.
The song doesn't make sense to me and/or has to many topics.
Really liked the song and wanted to hear it again.
If this song was song by a hit artist, I would consider buying a CD because of the song.
It's a smash.  If sung by a hit artist, this song should be on the radio.
The song grabbed my interest after the first couple of lines.
I was emotionally touched by the song.  (Thoughts, memories, etc...)
The melody was real catchy.
I was impressed by the song's lyrics.
The song's length in time feels appropriate - not too short or too long.
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List any catchy lyrics that you remember.  Is there any lyrics that you don't like.
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Thank you for your time and feedback.


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