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Dreamweaver is a web site creation tool. 

Dreamweaver supports the latest innovations on the Web such as Dynamic Publishing, E-Commerce, XML, Dynamic HTML, and Cascading Style Sheets.

Techy Web designers will enjoy the Roundtrip HTML and Roundtrip XML features built into the HTML/XML editor. Dreamweaver has done a very good job on building a GUI interface to setting almost every attribute available to HTML/JavaScript object models. Their GUI design interface with real-time look-and-feel is awesome.

From a technical view, it looks like Dreamweaver has tried to add every attribute that exists in an HTML object. I am very pleased with the product.

Competitors: FrontPage by Microsoft, NetObjects by IBM, Homesite, BBEdit, GoLife by Adobe

Dreamweaver Resources (by Macromedia)

  • Dreamweaver - professional web site design tool (DHTML, XML, CSS, E-Commerce, etc...)
    http://www.macromedia.com/software/dreamweaver - Download a trial version, and information about.
  • CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver - visual authoring tool developed specifically for the creation of testing instructional web pages (assessment tests, etc...).
    http://www.macromedia.com/software/coursebuilder- Download a trial version, and information about.
    Support Link.
  • Attain Objects for Dreamweaver2 - (replace by CourseBuilder)
    http://www.macromedia.com/support/attainobjects - developers center, tech notes, user groups, forums, etc...
  • Dreamweaver vs UltraDev - UltraDev is a Dreamweaver type product that also has capability to create ASP, JSP, ColdFusion, and other server side.

Tutorials, Help, Discussion Groups etc...

  • http://www.macromedia.com/learning/examples/ - Short tutorials for Authorware, CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver, Pathware (delivery by LMS)
    CourseBuilder - Go to above link. Then choose "Online Tutorials", then "CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver tutorial", then "Demonstrating CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver".
  • Help & Tutorials within the Product (also in the Trial Version) (A must !!!)
    Steps: Start, Program Files, Dreamweaver, now choose the "Welcome" html file for the product your interesed in (ex: dreamweaver). Search for the link to "HTML Help Pages"
  • Discussion Groups
  • Technical News Group, monitored by tech support
    Paste the below URL into your browser and it will call your news software.

Assessment Tests using Coursebuilder.

  • You will need Dreamweaver2 w/ Attain Objects or Dreamweaver3 w/CourseBuilder to do Assessment Test.
  • HTML Help Tutorials (Dreamweaver Attain Objects)
    1) Follow instructions above for "Help & Tutorials within the Product"
    2) Choose "Attain Objects for Dreamweaver Contents"
    3)Choose "Multiple-Choice Interactions", also "Scoring and Data Tracking". Other links are also good.
  • Example Assessment Test (only one question):
    In your explorer go to the program directory (see example below):
    Ex: C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Dreamweaver 2\Tutorial\Attain Objects Tutorial
    Next, Click on "MultileChoice.htm"
  • Guided software emulation.
    Not exactly the best for Assessment Test, but should be helpful for a beginner. Once you at the link below click on "Working in Course Builder for Dreamweaver"

My Examples & Notes

  • Pulldown Menu Example Using Dreamweaver & Layers - Example of pulldown menus using Dreamweaver, layers, and cookies for persistent storage of completion status.
    download - download a zip of the files involved.

  • Product Review & Examples - A review & samples that I created.

  • Timeline - Example of Dreamweaver's timeline (animation) feature using their custom JavaScript routines.

  • Coursebuilder - (under construction).  I've used Dreamweaver w/Coursebuilder to create WBT that interface with LMS systems.  Unfortunately I can not demo that software.


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