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Dreamweaver 2 is a web site creation tool. This Product Review was developed in Dreamweaver after 12 hours of ILT (Instructor Lead Training). You can download a 30 day demo version at

Dreamweaver 2 supports the latest innovations on the Web such as Dynamic Publishing, E-Commerce, XML, Dynamic HTML, and Cascading Style Sheets.

In General, I was very pleased with the product. I currently use FrontPage 98 for my personal web site. This product seemed superior to FrontPage 98. However, I now feel challenged to dive deeper into FrontPage to see if I've over looked some of it's power.

Techy Web designers will enjoy the Roundtrip HTML and Roundtrip XML features built into the HTML/XML editor. Dreamweaver has done a very good job on building a GUI interface to setting almost every attribute available to HTML/JavaScript object models. Their GUI design interface with real-time look-and-feel is awesome.

From a technical view, it looks like Dreamweaver has tried to add every attribute that exists in an HTML object. I was very pleased with the product.

Information created on: 12/14/99 about Dreamweaver 2
Competitors: FrontPage by Microsoft, NetObjects by IBM, Homesite, BBEdit, GoLife by Adobe