Layer #1 w/Text

This is an example of text in a layer. The layer can be dragged anywhere on the screen. Text wraps within the the layer.

Layers do not resize. They have a fixed position on the screen.

Layer #3 w/Image

Layer #2 w/Table

Table in a Layer
Test Test

The table is centered inside the layer.

Tables and Layers

Tables and Layers each have there own place and power in developing web pages. Try resizing the window and see the effect of the tables vs the layers.

Tables can easily organize data and images in relative position. If the page is resized then the items are automatically resized to fit the window.

Layers will allow you to take a layer, which may include tables, text, other layers etc., a drag it to any position on the screen. This position will not change when the screen is resized.

Message This table will be repositioned when the screen is resized.













Two layers overlapping one another.