DOS's FTP Command

FTP Commands (DOS's FTP.exe)

Technical note:  The FTP command, ftp.exe, is located in the windows "system32" directory.  (ex:  c:\windows\system32\ftp.exe or c:\winnt\system32\ftp.exe).  If you get a DOS error bad command, then put the full pathname for the executible.

Getting a connection to the FTP server from the DOS prompt:

  1. Get to a DOS Prompt.  (ie:  Start, Run,
  2. c:> ftp [ftp server name or IP Address]
  3. Enter your username & Password.
  4. To disconnect type:  disconnect


  1. From DOS, type: ftp
  2. ftp> open <hostname or IP address>
  3. Enter your username & Password
  4. To disconnect type:  disconnect

After you have signed on here is some FTP commands:

Example: FTP a file to the server

Using .bat files and ftp Scripts.