Cascading Style Sheets

This web page contains notes on Cascading Style Sheets.

Topic Notes
General Notes
  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
  • 3 Types of Style Sheets:  External, Internal, and Local
  • Cascading - The 3 style sheets are applied in a cascading manner.  Local has highest precedence, then Internal followed by External.
  • Purpose of CSS - separates document content from its presentation (style).
Levels of CSS Levels of CSS
Naming conventions - class name
  • In Netscape 4.7 (4.x) you cannot use the "_" (underscore) to create a name of a class.  Works in IE 5.0 (maybe 4.0).

OK ex:  cssintroheading or cssintrotext
Bad ex: cssintro_heading or cssintro_text

I've spent many hours trouble shooting this problem.  I hope this will help you.

  • I suggest leading off with "css" as a prefix.

    Ex:  cssintroheading or cssintrotext