Eclipse Survival Guide

This first section has the must know items to survive in Eclipse.
Eclipse Version: Helios Service Release 2 (hopefully works with: Mars.1, Neon.1)

General Eclipse as Needed Info

Eclipse Documentation

Eclipse General Info

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Must Know ASAP

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Preferences - (Window->Preferences)

File Search

Create a Project

Creating Files & Folders (JAVA EE perspective)

Copy a Project

Eclipse Workspaces

Create a Custom Perspective: JAVA EE (<initials>)

Changing Colors and Font

Show View - click Window, Show View

Context Root




Topic Info
Using Tomcat within Eclipse
Add a User Library

Add a User Library

Create user libraries that you can reference in your projects.  The jar files can stay in one location but when you publish or export they will be packaged into your WAR file in the "WEB-INF\lib" directory.

Window, Preferences, Java, Build Path, User Libraries
You'll see a list of User Libraries.
Click "New"
User Library Name: struts2-jars
Click "Add JARs"
Navigate to the place you have your Struts2 jars.
Select the .jar files you want in that User Library!
Click "Open"
Click "OK"

Tasks View
  • Place //TODO <your comment> in your code to add tasks that show up in the task view.
  • Window->Show View->Tasks - this will show all the TODO items.  Double click on one and it will open up the file and take you to that line.
Perspectives Perspective ICON is in the upper right corner.
Open a perspective - Window, Open Perspective.
Save a perspective - Window, Save Perspective (ex: Java <your initials)
Restore to prior saved perspective - Window, reset perspective (misleading)
Ctrl-F8 - switch between perspectives.