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Help, I'm a Java Beginner !

My main Java Certification Training site assumes that you know Java, and that you are preparing for the Java Certification Exam.  I've had many EMAIL's asking for information on how and where to get started learning Java as a beginner.

You need to learn Java via one or more of the following: Tutorials,  Books, Instructor lead course (ILT)  and most importantly working with the Java language.

Help I'm a Green Horn at Java

  • Use my free resource at: Free Java Training & Resources  (Home Page)
    • Complete the 3 tutorials in the section "Java First Steps".
      Java - download, install and compile a java program.
      Eclipse - download, install and create a java program.
      JUnit - write code using TDD (Test Driven Development).
  • Oracle - free tutorials
    • http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial (free).
  • Online Training (fee)
    • LinkedIn Premium Subscription (~$29 a month in 2016) - has many courses on Java and other technologies.
  • Instructor Lead Courses (ILT)
    • Check your Community college (~$200).
      Also consider university, vocational schools or corporate training sites.

Here are some Q&A's and topics:

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Vs Procedural Programming
    Java is a 100% OOP type language.  If you've been programming in a procedural language, hopefully you'll pickup OOP concepts.  If not, you'll need to search for these resources or you'll be lost.  Somewhere along your career path you may want to consider studying OOP.
  • Is Java harder that C++ ?
    I think Java is easier to learn that C++.  Java is a new language that looks like C++ but has removed some of the more difficult aspects of C++.
  • Can I learn Java as my first language?
    YES!  You may want to purchase a book that also gives instruction on Object Oriented Programming (OOP).
  • Should I study C++ first, then Java?
    No.  Go straight to Java.
  • Should I study VB first, then Java?
    I would suggest starting out with Java.  VB is a good language to learn for first time programmers.  VB has a mix of procedural and object oriented programming.     VB is still an excellent choice especially if your site uses it.
  • Should I use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment)  ?
    You'll be using an IDE in the real work world.  However, using a text editor will definitely get you closer to the code ( I learned with a straight editor).  So I guess I would suggest using an text editor and compiling via a command prompt first, then moving to an IDE.
  • Once I know Java, how should I prepare for the Certification exam from Sun?
    This site is designed to help you prepare for the Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) exam once you know Java - http://www.michael-thomas.com/tech/java .  Check out my link on "training" and "java hot sites".  You will need:  1) a good book on certification, 2) make sure you code the exercises (get you hands dirty in Java), 3) do not rush into the exam until you can pass the exams in the back of the book, HTML exams, and other simulated exams with a 90%.  You can find information on these 3 items at the "java hot sites" link.
  • Now that I'm certified, what other technologies are commonly used with Java at the work place?
    1. Good question and hard to answer because there are so many technology stacks used.  I don't have a good answer!
    2. Go to LinkedIn or Job Boards and search for Jobs to see what skills are being sought after.
    Some thoughts:
    For UI (User Interface) web work you need at least some knowledge in:  HTML/CSS & JavaScript
    For access to data in DBs you will need: SQL.
    Popular Java based frameworks are: Spring & Hybernate
    Popular JavaScript based frameworks are: JQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, AJAX
    Popular data file formats are: JSON & XML
  • Now that I'm certified, do you have any suggestions on looking for a Job?
    This is a hard question because everyone has different needs.  I have some links at:  www.michael-thomas.com/tech/itcareers that may help.  Experience always looks good, however I've seen certification be a definite deciding factor.


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