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Free web tutorials on  Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) Training & Java Core Training.

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Java Compile note:  Most of these programs were re-compiled with JDK 1.5 on Dec 2005.

The SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer) exam tests for a strong knowledge of the Java Language fundamentals.  Here is a quote from Sun's web site:  "This certification is for programmers experienced in using the basic syntax and structure of the Java[tm] programming language. Certification is available for the Java 2 Platform."  Here is a link to Sun's SCJP Home Page.

I've created this web page for those who already know Java and want to review for the exam.  If your familiar with programming and object oriented concepts and want to get started with Java (beginner) then visit and complete Java, Your First Steps ( ).

There are many resources for Java Certification training including books, tutorials, forums, etc...  I have some of those links at Hot Java Sites ( ).

I've found that one of the fastest ways to learn a additional programming language is by code examples and tables/charts with concise reference information.  Next you must get your hands dirty in the source code by doing projects.

With this in mind, this web page focuses on learning by:

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General Information

Warning:  MS JVM (Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine) has issues running applets compiled with the current SDK (ex: 1.5 and others).  Sun's JVM works fine.  Therefore, you must install Sun's JVM to view my applets.

Projects & Testing

You can skip this section and go straight to the next section.  I used these projects and tests in a class I taught at a university.

Java Jems and Examples

Using DOS for Logging (Compile Errors and/or Runtime Messages)

Misc Notes (FYIs)

Intro to Java Applets & Applications

Java - Training Applet/Application

Java Language Fundamentals

Java Object Oriented Programming (00P) Concepts.

Selected Java Classes

Java - GUI's & Events  (AWT - Abstract Windowing Toolkit & Swing)

Java - Multimedia (Images,  Animation, Audio)

Java - Input/Output (Run as an Application!)

Java - Threads

Java Tools

Collections Framework   

Java Advanced Topics

Outside of your certification studies, you may find these examples helpful.

Java - 1.1 New Features

Java - 1.2 New Features

Java - 1.3 New Features

Java -1.4 New Features

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