Java Jem:  Editing Your First Java Program w/Text Editor

Text Editors

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by Michael Thomas

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You can use any text editor to edit the Java Programs.  One of the best environments to program in is called an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).  For training purposes, you do need to create some programs using a Text Editor and the DOS compile process.

Warning:  Some programs created in different Operating Systems (Unix, Mac, Windows) may use different end of line characters.  This may cause some editors to read in the source code differently.  A good text editor will take care of this for you.

Text Editors - my favorite

Editors that come with Windows (Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, NT, Win 98)

Other Free Editors (Freeware) (as of 2008 - I need to update.)

Other Text Editors (as of 2008 - I need to update.)