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This page contains links to Java resources.  You will find tutorials, Java Certification Mockup Exams (HTML & Simulated), Java Study Groups, Java Books, etc...  Have fun!  This site is for YOU, so if you know of any additional "Hot Java Links" please email me and I add them.   Feel free to add a link to this site.

Java - Oracle's Links

Standards Organizations

Java Resource Sites

Microsoft's Java Resources

Sites Dedicated to Java Certification

Quick Start - Looking back, this is what I would do to become a Sun Certified Java 2 Programmer.

If I already new the fundamentals of Java programming and I want to become a Sun Certified Java2 Programmer, then I would take the following steps:  (the quickest path)

Java - For the Beginner (Green Horn)

Java Certification Initiative

Java - Other Certifications

Java Technical Resources

Java Portals

Java - Tutorials & Exam Cram Notes

Java - Exam Examples - HTML & Simulated 

Java Books:  Certification Guides has most of the books listed below.  Also, I'm undecided about which book is the best.  I own most of them.

Always look for the latest editions.

Java Books:  General

Java Newsletters

Java Web Ring

Java Jobs

JDC Resources (Java Developer Connection)

Keep in touch with Java technology!   Tutorials, white pages, great resource!  Also, sign up for 2 Email subscriptions:  Tech Tips & Newsletter. 

Java - IBM

Java - Business Case

Java 1.1 vs Java 1.2 (aka Java 2) Exam

Java - Audio Tapes

Java Study Groups

Java User Groups (JUG's)

Java Special Interest Groups

Java Groups & Magazine/Articles

Java Resources (General, FAQ, etc...)

Java - Testing Sites

Java IDE's

Java Training - (ILT, WBT, & Distance Learning)

If you have the funds available here are some links to ILT (Instructor Led Training), Web Based Training, and Distance Learning.  I have not tried any of these training methods.

Java - Miscellaneous

Java Resources - Emails from visitors. - some tutorials and sample projects (code)
bullet - Books
  • "The Israeli Guide to J2ME"
  • "Exercises in Java 2 (Standard Edition)"
  • "The Israeli Guide to JSP"
  • "The Israeli Guide to Servlets"
  • "The Israeli Guide to JavaBeans"
Last Edited: 06/08/15