Browser's Environment

This page shows some of the various information you can gain about the user's envirnoment. 

Browser Information
(My User Defined Object)

This is my attempt to create one user defined object that I can use for all of my multi-browser challenges.  This table is created from a method in a user defined object that is located in "ex_environment.js".  You will need to download and look at the source code to understand how the values in this table were created.

Add when I have time:

Browser's Environment

The next section below titled "Browser's Environment" is generated by JavaScript in the ex_environment.js file that is inserted from the script tag in this HTML page.
This may not show up in mobile phones.

Navigator Object

JavaScript to display the "navigator" object info.

Misc Info

JavaScript to display misc info.

Screen Object

JavaScript to display the "screen" object info.