Forms - Fields

This web page shows the use of JavaScript and the Form object. Make sure you view the source code. Note: There is 2 forms on this page.

JavaScript Objectives

Text Field (tags: input, type="text")

Password Field (tags: input, type="password")

Button (tags: input, type="button")

Text area

List Menu (Single Select) w/ Window size default to size="1" (tags: select & option)

List Menu (Single Select) w/ Window size="3" (tags: select & option)

List Menu (Multi Select) (tags: select & option)
(Note: 2 Items in this example are selected as a default. CTRL-Left Click for multiple choices.)

File Field

Check Boxes: (tags: input & type=checkbox )
Check Box #1 Check Box #2

Radio buttons: (tags: input & type="radio")
Choice #1 Choice #2 Choice #3 Choice #4

Load fields: text=Hello1, check #1, Box #1
Load fields: text=Hello2, check #2, Box #2
Load fields: text=Hello3, check #3, Box #1 & #2
Load fields: text=Hello4, check #4, No Boxes
Load fields: text=blank , all unchecked

Store frmTest0's fields - to an array() - a good way to store forms from one frame in a second static/persistant frame. (Warning: Multi-Select is not working)
Restore frmTest0's fields - from the array() - restores the Forms fields from the array. (Warning: Multi-Select is not working)

Update information about current form