Object Properties in the DOM.

This web page can be used to explore properties of objects in the browser. You may download a zip file containing the html file (ex_obj_properties.htm) and the .js file (ex_obj_properties.js) used at the web page.

Show Properties of an Object

Select/Enter the name of the object you wish to view the properties of. Next, click on the "Submit" button and a new window with the information will be created.

Type Object - show properties of.
Enter object name.

Show 1 more additional level.
Popular objects.
Pick object (IE & NS)

Show 1 more additional level.
Pick object (IE only)

Show 1 more additional level.

Pick object (NS only)

Show 1 more additional level.

Example:  Use for Debugging JavaScript Objects

To use the following debugging techniques you need to include a JavaScript file in your <head> tag.  Then you can  insert a hyperlink or a form created by a function in the .js file.  Look at the source code and you will find 2 lines of code enclosed in <script> tags that create the below debugging tool.

The link below shows the properties of  "document.forms.form1"


Steps: (note: also look at the source code)

  1. Load the .js file in your <head> section.
    <script language="JavaScript" src="ex_obj_properties.js"></script>

  2. Next create a hyperlink passing in the following parameters:  <Description><object name><true/false to show one more level of objects>
    ex:  <a href="javascript: fShowProperties('document.forms.form1',document.forms.form1,false);">Click</a>

  3. And/Or, you can let a function create the form you see above.  This form will let you type in the object name dynamically.
    <script language="javascript">
    document.write( fDebugForm( 'frmDebugTest' ) ); //Build a form for debugging.


Testing/Play Area

NS Only

Miscellaneous Samples

Item # Description
1 This is a test table.

logo_michael-thomas.jpg (3143 bytes)

Type Example
Layer w/Image
Layer name = layForwardA

Layer w/Image & href to "#"
Layer name = layForwardB

Form #1 (name=form1)

Text Box
Check Box
Radio Button
Push Button
Text Area
Drop-Down menu


Form #2 (name=form2)

Form #3 (not given a name!)