Microsoft .NET Framework
Installation - First Steps

Last Updated on 02/08/06

This web page has steps to download, install, and test the .NET Framework.

The steps below were tested using: Win XP Professional & IIS v5.0

Version Info

You may want to determine what versions are currently loaded on your computer. 

First Steps - MS IIS - Enable ASP pages

First Steps ( Download the Framework (SDK and Redistributable Package) )

First Steps (.NET v 2.0 )

First Steps (.NET v 1.1 ) - 02/06/06 (Last Updated)  (v1.1.4322)

First Steps - Download Examples for C#, VB.NET, J#

First Steps - C# program

First Steps - VB.NET program

First Steps - Visual J# .NET (J Sharp)

First Steps - ASP.NET Web Pages

Errors - my notes