EclipseUML - Omondo - First Steps
(Free Web Tutorials)

by Michael Thomas

UML Home Page

On the UML Home page, you can download the whole UML site (all content, tutorials & examples) !!!
(Note: in the subfolder "eclipse\workspace" you will find the Eclipse projects used in these tutorials.)

This tutorial covers: EclipseUML 2007 JEE Europa Free Edition for Eclipse 3.3 (3.3.0v20071210) (as of 05/18/08)

General Info

Briefly glance at this section and then move on to the install below.

FYI - Possible Errors:




Download & Install EclipseUML by Omondo

Download the EclipseUML Docs

Configure the Eclipse Window

Create your First Hello World Diagram - Class Diagram