Certification Experiences

This web page contains some experiences of programmers who have take the Sun Certified Java Programmer exam.  Email me with your experience.

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Hello Sir,

I am really a big fan of your site. It helped me a lot to go through 2 exams and pass them (Sun Java Programmer/IBM websphere) and I am preparing for the third exam now "XML" and again I find yr site is sooo helpful. Actually, I consider it the best site ever :)). 

So, I really wonder about the nature of this site, I mean is it a corporation an eduucational center or u put this material by yrself????!!! Anyway, Thanks a lot for all the helpful resources and guides.   

Thank you and Best regards,  

Simona Afifi

Answer:  I post all the information by myself.  Why? For my reference and any visitors.  I want to leave a legacy.

Dear All,

I passed SCJP2 with 96%. Thanks Michael for your great site.

I must thank all the ppl at various egroups (like javacertstudy@egroups.com), great websites like (www.jchq.net, www.michael-thomas.com, www.javaranch.com).

During my study period I came across enormous number of websites for mock exams/test engines.  I found various mock exams on net but once the pattern is changed, there comes a need to update the exams based on the latest pattern. To some extent this has been done, but not very satisfactorily.

The best book in my knowledge for preparation is Java2 Certification Study Guide (by robert, heller and ernest).

One thing I have noticed during last few months is people like me end up wasting a lot of time in searching for the resources. Towards that end, the best help one gets is from the Test Simulation Engines. It not only helps save your time but also give you better feel of the actual exam. There are many Simulation engines available on the net like jcertify, j@whiz, jqplus.

I tried all but I found 11 tests in j@whiz(www.whizlabs.com/jwhiz) most useful.  The best part now is they have added many more questions on Threads and IO following the current trend of scjp2.  To my knowledge it has the largest collection of questions and the best thing is the pattern is very much updated and the interface simulation is great.

Also 3 mock exams at www.jchq.net are really good.
Don't miss them.

I hope this info will help someone reading this.

Thanks and regards


Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you for making such a wonderful site with so many certification resources. With the help of your site I was able to score 92% in my Sun Java programmer's exam. I am recommending this site to all my friends who wish to give this exam.

Thanks a ton

Deepak Saigal (INDIA)

Hi michael thomas,

...  I passed the exam on Nov 15th in my first attempt. I thank you very much for you're site and links provided by u for others. If I would have known about these a little early I would have benefited a lot. That's why I am telling about you're site to people I know who r preparing for the Certification.  ...

Thanks and Bye

Neelima Jammigumpula (INDIA)

Dear Sir :

On the basis of your information I got my SCJP with 96% , 5 months ago . I would like to tell you , Just One real man may be help to....

Warmest regards ,

(a little brother form Middle East)


  Your advice on Java 2 Certification was solid. I studied from the Exam Cram book and I used the JCertify software. With you help, I scored an 88 on the exam. 

Thanks.   John Aronson


Thanks for all the worked. It helped.

The exam was tougher than your mockup exam's, but I scored the same, because I was more prepared when I took the exam -thanks to your exams. There are things in the exam that is based on understanding of the concepts. Its imperative that you get all of them right. That will probably score you 60%. From there on its more know stuff, like methods of the String class, methods of the Math class or constructors of the RandomAccessFile etc.

Jaco van Staden

Hi Michael Thomas,

I am one of the readers of your web site. I wrote my JCP test on 23-Aug-01 and passed out with 79%. I want to thank you for the encouragement and guidance, I have drawn through your web site. The 3 mock tests of your site were of great help to me, in the preparation.

Thanks once again,