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You may download the source code for each example program:

Here is the steps.

MS Internet Explorer 4.0 & Netscape 4.5 (maybe others also)

  1. Choose one of the example programs in the training section. 
    (ex:  Hello Applet - one of the "Java for Programmers" examples.)
  2. View the source by clicking on "The Source" located at the bottom of the page.
  3. Choose: File, Save As
  4. Choose your directory, then click. "SAVE"
  5. Compile & Run instructions is located in the source file.
    (You will need the .html file also. While viewing the program, not the source, perform steps 3 - 4.)

After each Session:

  1. Review each Java Jewel.
  2. Review in detail the Java program.
  3. Study the exam questions that apply to the sessions that were covered. There is a Java Jewel you can use as an index.  (2 Exams are in Barry Boones book.  2 exams can be downloaded:  Marcus Green, Dr John Hunt)
  4. Browse through the applicable chapters in the text book (Barry Boones book). Later you may want to read in more detail.
  5. Play with the code. (1) Modify and compile my Java program.  (2) Key in some of the exercises in each chapter of the text book.

To be prepared for Sun Certified Java Programmer, I suggest the following:

When You Are Ready For The Exam