Window Object

This page shows the use of JavaScript with the "window" object.   Most of the JavaScript has been tested with IE 5.1 (sometimes Netscape 4.61).  

(Warning: If using Netscape, when you close this browser window you will be asked to Grant permission to JavaScript modify the browser.  If you say yes, the program will restore the original browser window settings prior to loading the web page.)

Click here to go to a page where you can download these examples (see Browse Window section)

Browser Window - Simple, not to techy, examples of opening and closing windows.  Some of the windows do not have toolbars.

Window Properties

Resizing the Browser Window (IE & NS)

Window's Chrome Properties

Chrome Items

Changing the current Window Chrome Items Properties

WARNING - This section only works with Netscape.  The JavaScript reference book says that these properties are compatibly with IE3 and greater but testing with IE5.1 did not work for me.


To change any of the chrome items Java needs to be enabled in the users browser settings and a call to to enable "UniversalBrowserWrite" must be made.  This generally means that the user may have to "Grant" privilege to perform this function.  Also, you may experience a delay as the Java security applet loads.

Creating a New Window

Miscellaneous Window Functions