Example of Disabling "View Source"

(Works with IE & Netscape)

In the below URL's I have placed a HTML comment in the source that states my favorite baseball team.  See if you can view the source.  For the average web user this will be difficult.  For the hacker, as some of you have pointed out, it will be easy.

Hacker comments:

The source code for all of the JavaScript examples of working with the window object is located at Window Object

Examples  (IE & NS)

Warning - The below link will hang your browser.
!!! Test on Local Machine using IE !!!!

Works on Local PC, but not at my web site - very confusing to me!.  If run from my web site your browser will  hang.  I am leaving this code at my web site in hopes that I'll fix the problem later or that someone will fix the code and email it to me.

For the JavaScript guru's: 

Here is the link.